As a group of students who just finished (struggling in) a college-level Physics 1 course, we knew that other students faced the same problems we did. While there are many resources available to help students tackle academic struggles, a lot of them lacked a graphical aspect to our education. The most that us visual learners had to work with were linear models or two-dimensional graphs; these just are not enough when it comes to the more complex sciences! We decided to take our education and practice to the next level and that is how InVisionAR was born.

What it does

InVisionAR is an application that can be downloaded to your mobile device! Our software has been designed through a sophisticated process just to make your education less sophisticated. Using a thoroughly refined curriculum, InVisionAR utilizes your camera to produce a three-dimensional diagram for all of our practice questions, generated right in front of your eyes! Whether you are in your house or at the park, you can take advantage of InVisionAR to practice whatever topics you like in an engaging and captivating way. The visual aspect to InVisionAR may just be its most revolutionary innovation; however, our application is just as appealing to use as it is to look at! Using psychological practices to motivate our consumers, our software shows our consumers how close they were to the true answer every time they answer a question, and consists of an easy-to-use menu for our consumers’ benefit.

How we built it

In order to create our software, our team utilized Unity and its Augmented Reality foundation packages. Taking advantage of Augmented Reality, we integrated its features with Unity’s Physics engine to build the whole program. This allowed us to create a simple, yet effective, User Interface which let us alter the variables of each simulation.

Challenges we ran into

A major challenge our team faced throughout structuring our project included the transition from SRP to URP. Rather than using the Standard Render Pipeline, we wanted to upgrade our program by incorporating the Universal Render Pipeline which would allow our software to run in a more crisp manner, making it faster and sharper in consideration of our users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Half of our team members have never utilized Unity and its features before, so we are extremely proud of the amount of patience, mentorship, and overall display of chemistry between all of our members. While we all may have had different levels of experience going into this hackathon, we all shared this memorable experience together and our goal to create a revolutionary design fueled our motivation to learn more throughout the process. Ultimately, this project would not have been possible without all four of us and we are extremely proud of each other’s commitments and sacrifices towards InVisionAR.

What we learned

We learned how complex and intricate the interactions between objects within a simulation were. We also learnt a lot about AR programming, which is something none of us had done before. Most importantly, we gained invaluable experience in teamwork - in terms of both communication and the technical skills needed to share code and work together.

What's next for InVisionAR

InVisionAR aims to expand its fundamental idea to explore new topics and integrate our curriculum to a web hosting server! We would like to bring together a broad team of members with expertise in various areas to overall increase the productivity and quality of such innovative software.

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