Invisible Maze - Sphero is an Android game app where the user interacts with the Sphero. (If you don't know what Sphero is, see this: The goal of the game is for the user to lead Sphero to the exit of a randomly-generated invisible maze. Explore the maze as you navigate the Sphero through obstacles and aim to reach the exit without a map!

         To run the app, download the InvisibleMaze.apk onto your phone. Run the app where it will prompt you to connect to a Sphero via Bluetooth. Select a Sphero and enjoy the game!

          First, tap the "Change Maze" button to generate a maze. However, before you navigate the Sphero, calibrate it so that the Sphero's orientation corresponds with yours. This is done by rotating the Sphero until you see a bright blue light pointing directly at you. You can control the Sphero using the direction buttons. Each press is one step only. You can also undo your moves by pressing the "Undo" button. If the Sphero blinks red, then there is an obstacle in that direction. If the Sphero turns green, then congratulations! You have reached the exit! 

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