We have entered a new generation of internet technology where paper has become irrelevant; for example the move from paper textbooks to online textbooks. But what is one thing that has not become irrelevant? NOTE TAKING! That is why we here at LHS industries have created something we like to call: Invisi-note. This is a wonderful application for someone who is trying to create visually appealing, yet efficient entries directly from their online resource. The note becomes translucent as you are typing into it in order to allow you to see what lies in the background. This way, there is no need to create multiple equally sized windows positioned side to side in order to take notes while reading simultaneously. How is this different, you ask, from other note-taking experiences? Invisi-note provides a seamless and uninterrupted layout for the notetaker to make the best use of his screen real-estate and finish assignments speedily.

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