Our Idea has been inspired by the BigBillionDay/DiwaliDhamakaSale/DIwaliCrackerSale etc.,!

Many of our friends and users on internet didn't understand why it's a bigbillionday and for whom. Every one have their own day to celebrate, and can't buy stuff only when there is a sale.

In current scenario, we have to celebrate along with sellers whether it's diwali or navratri or christmas, but there's no one concerned about the day that's special to an individual.

If sellers can sell the product on Diwali or Christmas for a discounted price, they can as well sell on other day at that discounted price. This thought is the base of our application.

So we came up with an idea to build a reverse market place. Here, instead of seller announcing the discounts, user can choose a product and set his price(bid). Different sellers having this product in inventory will be notified about this bid and they can decide to sell it at bid price if they want to.

It's an iPhone app for user, web dashboard for retailer(seller).


Quick bar code scanning and retrieval of UPC(Universal Product Code) Instant Notification to retailers & Approvals (if feasible to seller) Push notifications on user's iPhone with a discount coupon that can be redeemed.

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