Inspiration and Background

It is no surprise that in recent decades, environmental sustainability has become an increasingly pressing issue. More than ever, it is important that as a community, we develop ways to do our part in ensuring that we are doing our best to keep our planet as sustainable as possible. A major chunk of environmental concerns including biodiversity loss, water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions are a result of agriculture and the public's diet. What makes it particularly difficult to catalyze a change in diet is a lack of awareness over the common foods that are a detriment to the environment. This led to the development of Invictus, a website that works to combat this exact issue.

Building Process

Our product works by using pre-trained models for object detection to recognize foods from images. The ingredients and foods that were detected in the user's meals are then checked across a database of foods. Ultimately, the site provides feedback on what foods are sustainable, which ones are not, and which ones might require some more research.

What's next for Invictus

Stay on the lookout for mobile apps! We also hope to develop the website to include features like meal logging, and perhaps recommendations for alternate, more sustainable foods.

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