When I [Emilien] became a college student, I realized there were some blanks in my education which I had to make up for by myself by experimenting where I made a lot of mistakes and surfing the web which sometimes had biased information. A major part of this missing education was personal finances, followed by other topics like personal cybersecurity, mental health, time management, and more.

What it does

It is an online school. This school serves as a complementary education to people from any stage of life. Be it kids who want to learn about how to handle their allowances or teens who need to figure out what taxes are, to young adults who need to learn the laws they are being governed by. The school is to grade not on comprehension, but on things you have done in the real world based on what you learned. This is because we believe life is the greatest teacher, and just memorizing isn't enough. Plus this school is trying to take the learn-as-needed model, meaning you don't just learn everything at once, as you are more likely to forget it.

How I built it

It was built with... and is currently being built with Webflow, just because as hackers who are new to web development, Webflow was a good visualization platform for us.

Challenges I ran into

The designing of the website was more challenging than we initially thought. Having to develop the website was tough especially over multiple time zones. Team assignments and workflow also took a while to get under. Communication was the last challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of learning how I can build, host, and run a website today, even though I didn't get where I wanted to be at. I am also proud of myself [Emilien], for having n idea and making a team that would work on it. That took a lot of confidence not only in my idea but myself.

What I learned

I learned that communication is KEY. Also, that is you break a problem down, it gets less scary.

What's next for Invictus Academia

I[Emilien] plan to keep on developing the website until it is an MVP, then introducing it to potential users. I believe I can make it work and possibly help a lot of people like me who are struggling to understand this awesome planetary life we have.

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