Our submission for UGA Hacks 5

Investing is an extremely good financial option that everyone in this day and age should be utilizing. The problem with this is that it can be a very daunting task to get into. Our company, invEZ takes the stressful parts out of investing and helps to curate a tailored list of possible stocks specifically for the user.


We were inspired to create this after realizing how hard it is to get into investing ourselves. We made an app that we would like to use ourselves and one that we feel can help anyone who wants to enter this unfamiliar territory.

What we learned

We learned all about using Google Cloud and Google Firebase to set up real-time databases and authenticate users without needing to deal with any of the stress ourselves. We also learned how to create a web app using Vue.js that accelerated our front-end development and used Express.js for our back-end.

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