With meme stocks taking over social media recently, many of millenials have jumped into the world of finance without having much investing experience. Millennials, as they care about making an impact, also want to know how they can invest sustainably. But as a first timer, they don’t know where to start and which company they should invest in.

What it does

So that’s how we built InvestX, a platform that allows millenials to easily find and invest in companies based on the issue they care about. We aggregates realtime stock data along with articles about the impacts a company has on the world to determine the metrics score based on their preference.

So how does it work?

  1. The user picks the impact that they want to focus on from a choice of broad impact(which supports ESG), or climate or social impact.
  2. Then based on that preference, we find articles of each company relating to that preference and use machine learning to recommend top 5 stocks which are top performers in that impact category.
  3. They choose the company and can find out more about how that company stacks up against others in various ESG dimensions.


  • Dynamically updated chart with the latest stock data
  • All the latest market data and ESG stats for the the S&P500
  • Set your ESG preference on your profile
  • Pull articles for the company based on your ESG preference
  • Search for stocks across the market

ESG Dimensions

  • Environmental impact
  • Labor Practices
  • Social impact
  • Gender equality
  • Pay equality
  • Corporate activity impact
  • Public welfare score
  • Long term profitability
  • Short term profitability

How we built it

  • Nextjs/React = FE
  • Serverless functions w/ Next = Part of backend (firebase admin sdk)
  • TailwindCSS = Styling
  • Figma = Prototypes/Mockups/Designs
  • Firebase Auth = Authentication and Authorization (if we do group buy)
  • Firebase Firestore and Datastax = Central Database
  • Flask Backend = Central Backend
  • Selenium = Web Scraping
  • Yarn
  • Alpaca for Market data, not alpha vantage or
  • Refinitiv and RapidAPI for ESG data

Challenges we ran into

  • Alphavantage ratelimiting so had to use alpaca
  • free API is only limit 5
  • SearchAPI is only on alphavantage
  • New to NextJS
  • News API Rate limiting

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Best project we've got so far in hackaton, so proud of our team being able to finish all features in short amount of time (24 hours only).

What we learned

Learned a lot of new tech stacks

What's next for InvestX

Adding a trading function, impact categories, link to government entities that regulate environment data.

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