This is a visualization and analytical platform that helps property investors, home buyers and renters to figure out where to live or invest. The datasets used are the Pasadena GIS data for graffiti, building permits (implying future investments) and walkscore. Then, using machine learning algorithms, we can create an investor score that is based on merging these variables with the appropriate weights that are derived based on their relative influence on future property values.

This week, I have shared this app with a couple associates of mine who are business owners and real estate investors. They showed a high degree of interest in the app and have mentioned interesting ways and ideas to use public data to assist within their decision making especially when working on city contracts and projects (e.g. water and waste facilities upkeep, and anti-graffiti initiatives).

Click the link below to access the app (it takes about a minute to load) with real time data feeds:

Data used: · Building Permits – Current building permits issued

· Graffiti - incidences reported through Pasadena Citizen Request Service -

· Walkscore (click in or on Zip code lines for pop-up) per zip code (can be per neighborhood) – comes from the company which grades areas based on proximity to amenities.

· Investor Score – Our own initial algorithm that creates a single metric to determine the attractiveness of an area for investment purposes. This score is derived from a weighted regression analysis of the three data sets (building permits, graffiti, Walkscore) in relation to property prices. This Score is for demonstration purposes. Click in or on Zip code lines for pop-up) per zip code (can be per neighborhood).

App Usage:

The legend is at the left-hand panel (useful when zoning option is selected). See Layers Dropdown at the top of the page.

Click on the Layers drop down to select or deselect options: building permits, graffiti, General Plan Land Use (zoning), zip code outline. Multiple layers can be selected at the same time.

There are additional heat map options: ‘building hot spots weighted’ which shows building permits weighted by dollar size (can be weighted or color coded by start and end date of permit or other criteria), building [permits] hot spots, graffiti.

Walkscore and Investor Score pop-up: Click on the blue zip code line for each zip code. If you click on a data point within in the map, you will get a different pop-up that will delineate data pertinent to that data point.

Additional Features for Future Considerations: · Trending data that shows historical data and trends for each data set. This maybe a bit more difficult to display given availability of historical data.

· Have a filtering option for each data set.

· Allow comparisons to other areas or one neighborhood against another

· Other data sets: Public Infrastructure Investments, Non-Residential Activity (Sales tax, business license tax fees), Population Demographics, etc.

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