4 in 10 American adults don't have even $400 set aside for the emergency. To worsen it, 25% of Americans have nothing saved for retirement. When the Government shut-down happened towards the end of last year, a tax examiner for the IRS couldn’t afford to pick up his insulin prescription. A geologist for the Department of Interior was left with just $33. Some workers had to take on temporary jobs. This is disastrous and sad! Americans need to invest and save more for the future!

Though investing in stock is easy, getting the quality information and understanding it to make a wise investment is hard. Facebook messenger a platform already used by billions can come handy to educate people about finances and make them invest for the future. We need a simple, easy-to-use application that understands us and saves us from getting lost in the plethora of information out there. Investo is the solution to all these issues.

What it does

Investo - a conversational finance app, lets you research company stocks, answer your financial concept queries, make a trade and manage your portfolio on your favorite Facebook messenger app.

Want to research Microsoft stock? Wanna know what the gross margin is? or Want to compare two stocks? Just ask Investo. In a real-time, Investo will crunch the data and get you answers that you can understand.

It also helps you make a trade and manage your portfolio by conversing in the natural language.

How we built it

We built it using the following technology stack -

  1. FB Messenger platform
  3. Alpaca api
  4. Python
  5. node.js
  6. NLTK

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with the idea was a grueling process for us. We discussed multiple ideas before finalizing the Investo. After finalizing the idea, we came up with a tech stack that was needed to implement it. Within such a short time, understanding and working on such a tech stack was a challenge for us. But thanks to the super-simplified documentation by Facebook and all others, we could pull it off. Crafting out the MVP out of the features that we wanted to support, was also a challenge for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The amount of work we completed in just 24hr, is commendable. We are proud of the idea we came up with that we believe is a burning need and could be a great value-add to the Facebook messenger app eco-system.

We are just proud of the fact that we built an end-to-end workflow for an investor that we had decided to put out as an MVP within 24 hr.

What we learned

We worked 1st time with Alpaca APIs. We also learned to parse financial documents and researched what information is critical for an investor while researching a stock and how we can simplify it. Some of us learned more about

What's next for Investo

We would like to crystallize the existing use-cases, add new features and release it on the FB Messenger.

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