InvestMint was designed to offer the trust-less / decentralized benefits of ERC-20 tokens and blockchain technology to any size startup or individual looking to raise capital. Investors can buy into an InvestMint token with the guarantee that the value of their tokens can never be less than when they purchased them. Ideally, the value will increase and they will make a profit, but in the worst case even if the token creator vanishes and all token activity halts, the token holder can sell their tokens any time for the fair price maintained by the contract.

Token holders are incentivized to hold onto their tokens and benefit when others exchange (burn) their tokens. This makes for a great fundraising situation where the issuer of the coin may initially purchase some blocks, then after investors mint some tokens, the issuer burns some of theirs to cover startup expenses. The investors hold their tokens until the value is appropriate for their exchange / burn.

Value of the tokens increases whenever new blocks are purchased or when deposits are made to the liquidity pool. One major incentive for investors in a fundraising token could be the issuer promises to return some percentage of profits back into the liquidity pool, thus providing an increase in value to any token holders. If for any reason they were unable to contribute, the value of the tokens may not increase, but they will never go down.

As tokens are sold, as long as at least 1 token exists, value of all tokens will never decrease, regardless of the number being minted or burned.

Once an InvestMint token contract has been created, anyone with the address can mint blocks for a fee and exchange them for the current value at any point. The price is always fair and if any previous blocks are canceled or expired after a subsequent block is purchased, the purchaser will receive a refund of the cost difference as if they had purchased the lowest cost unclaimed block.

A Chainlink Alarm Oracle is used to manage contract updates, delayed by the designated time set in the contract.

A reservation Fee of 1 LINK is required to reserve a block of coins and up to the full reservation fee will be refunded once the block is purchased. Half of the reservation fee may be kept in the contract depending on how many existing LINK remain in the contract at the time of purchase. This was built using Solidity for the contracts and Node.js / React for the UI.

There are many refinements to be made and this is simply a proof of concept, but I think it is a powerful demonstration of what is possible and I would love to continue to develop this technology.

It would have been nice to include a profit calculator for determining the optimal settings for each particular use case when creating a new token, but this is at least a start and that's something we can look forward to in future development!

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