We know a lot of people who are interested in stock trading and investments. With the rising climate change threat we're facing, it's time everyone takes action. We can't allow big corporations to exploit our environment without understanding their social responsibility and giving back to it.

This is where ESG-driven sustainable investing comes in. We now have a lot more data to show how investments in companies with a strong commitment to climate change prevention are a lot more stable and profitable future investments than their counterparts.

What it does

To make more people aware of Sustainable Investing, we decided to create a curated Sustainable Investing 101 course on Amazon Alexa powered devices. It is focused on helping people understand the nature of Sustainable Investments and their pros and cons, and giving them the confidence to trade with them. To help the newcomers in the field, we analyzed the impact of ESG factors on the company in the stock market. We use this to provide daily recommendations for you to possibly invest in.

How I built it

We used datasets from Quandl, Refinitiv, Thompson-Reuters, Yahoo Finanace and a few more to analyse the ESG impact on stock prices and created a model to incoporate the ESG and other stock market factors to predict the best performing stocks. We put out a daily recommendation list accessible through our Alexa Skill, which also aims to educate people about ESG-driven investments. The Alexa skill is written in Python and uses the in-built technologies to recognize users voice commands and feeds the specially curated chapters, followed by compulsory question and answers. And most importantly willpower.

Challenges I ran into

Scarcity of data resources, sleepless nights, nightmare debugging sessions on the Amazon Alexa platform ! _ ! .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completely working prototype with 7 chapters worth of content with questions and answers live. A reasonably good stock prediction model. Lots of laughing and not taking ourselves seriously.

What I learned

AWS lambdas, Alexa skills, googling and patience.

What's next for InvestForGood

Add more content, get more datasets to better our model and publish on Alexa skills marketplace.

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