Our mission is to disrupt the fintech and financial investment industries with our versatile and powerful visualization tools.

What it does

Our software suite has five main features that significantly boost financial productivity. First, the stock visualizer lets users display and send any stock's price history via email, all within the email window -- options for stock comparisons and slices of stock history allow for nearly infinite customization. Our one-of-a-kind plot grapher creates versatile custom plots within the email window. The cryptocurrency price visualizer lets our users analyze cryptocurrency prices within email, supporting major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Our Blackrock integration lets users find detailed stock data easily. And the stock recommendation tool helps people make decisions on the best times to buy and sell stocks.

How we built it

We built it using the Mixmax API for email clients. Then we analyzed what would be the best tools a business person or fintech employee would need in an email system, but doesn’t easily have in Mixmax or regular email. We decided that emails need a way to display stock information in graphs, but no JavaScript in emails was a stumbling block. We decided to get Wolfram to make the graphs and we find that graph to embed in the emails. Afterwards, we made it so any email can draw a graph with any points and it is plotted as a line graph. Then finally, we decided to also include the Coinbase api to show the capabilities of embeddable prices in emails.

Challenges we ran into

Emails don’t allow JavaScript to be embedded. This means that a lot of the email functionality is limited to HTML or CSS. We had to get creative on how to find and display the intended information for the users.

Also, we planned on having stock recommendations, but it was very complex and couldn’t make it for the final product.

As well since Wolfram’s API is very powerful, it can also be slow at times. This slow API call time equates to longer response times for more complex data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud that we got all of the intended fintech tools working, using the Wolfram, Coinbase, and Blackrock APIs.

What we learned

We learned more about async JavaScript, Wolfram’s API, and hosting on Heroku.

What's next for Investera

More features and building of email enhancements to make it a complete suite of fintech email tools. In the future, more prices can be embedded to make it truly useful for financial savvy email users.

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