Saving money has been one of the biggest challenges for people and the majority of americans are living paycheck to paycheck. The fact is that saving is not easy while people deal with variety of bills and debts such as student loans, house mortgages etc.

Our team at Invest One understood this problem and came up with a unique solution to help people invest and save money everyday of their life. Based on our idea, when a person makes a transaction using his credit/debit card, the payed price will automatically be rounded up to the nearest dollar and then the difference is added to a separate savings account where the user has already defined how he wants to invest his money, such as saving up for various items in his/her wish list.For instance, if you purchase a dinner for $12.40, your card will get charged $13.00. Therefore, $12.40 will be payed to the restaurant and the extra 60 cents will be deposited into your savings account. In addition, Invest One lets you create your own wish list of the items you wish to buy in the future and you can easily determine what percentage of the invested money should be dedicated to which item.

Finally, when you've reached your target for one of the items in your wishlist, Capital One will match 3% of the item's price and donate it to your favorite charity, such as the American Diabetes Association. Not only is this philanthropic act good for the community and the charity, but it also encourages the user to spend more money, so as to save up at a faster pace, so that the user's favorite charity can receive the money faster.

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