Two of our teammates are working as software developers in Indonesia. They found out that many companies do not set up a digital business mainly due to financial and technical problems. As a result, we try to figure out a new and cheap way to help these kinds of businesses. This is why we want to build a platform to help MSMEs maintain their business, especially under this pandemic, because we noticed that failing to do so will lead them to a disruption in our economy.

What it does

InvesKami helps the MSMEs advertise and raise funds from public investors because we realized that one of the biggest problems revolves around branding and funding. For example, an investor who does not have the fund to invent his amazing product can get the fund easily through our platform. For the transactions, we accept cryptocurrency and cash as transaction media. We hope it will open the door of opportunity for local and international investors who want to invest in MSMEs Indonesia. By building this platform, we will solve many problems that they meet regularly, especially financial support.

How we built it

We use Figma, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, and Elementor Pro to build our website. We first set up our server for WordPress and created the UI web design using Figma and Adobe Photoshop. Next, we implemented the design into WordPress with Elementor Pro. The software we used is user-friendly, and most of our needs can be done in element. Thus, it saves us time to focus and think about how our idea will help MSMEs in Indonesia.

Challenges we ran into

We faced language and culture barriers since two of our team members were not from Indonesia. Some researched papers that we found for our data are mainly in Indonesia, which made the other team members have difficulty understanding. The cultural difference is also a challenge since the way we do things in Indonesia is different from their country, which made us realize how different our way of approaching the problems and finding solutions is. However, it is fun to see foreigners' perspectives of our country.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We provide a user-friendly website to help MSMEs to seek financial support in a secure, transparent environment. This is our first time joining a hackathon and our first time building a project together. We're proud of the results since we've poured our time and energy into something we've believed in for a good cause.

What we learned

Since we did our project in a team, we learned how to work with others. This is significantly important as we need to beware of our vocal wording while making contributions to the team. In addition to that, we have to make sure the project meets the target that we set initially. This is important as well because our project must be meaningful.

What’s next for InvesKami

We are planning to bring cryptocurrency in vogue to an extent, and we hope it will be the main transaction media since we believe it is very valuable and it will be the trend in the future.

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