Inspiration -

small businesses in America have limited time to complete loan applications, and banks have a bias for large businesses. As a result, Marco's father filed for bankruptcy in January after 15 years of successful entrepreneurship.

What it does -

inverxion lowers the cost of due diligence for large banks and institutions by given more businesses access to their loans and using technology to asses risk and loan-worthiness

How we built it -

Will is the mastermind behind the code. Toledo stand up! Shout out to mongo, Capital One, esri, and BlackRock for providing guidance and workshops throughout MHacks: Refactor.

Challenges we ran into -

mongodb was used in version 0.1 and we failed at implementing a solution in this language. Parsing data and performing analytics happened in several different programs before coming together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of -

in 36 hours we've delivered a functional and practical solution to a real problem!

What we learned:

  1. Reapplication of knowledge doesn't always work 2. The constraints have to be respected 3. A work around should never be the first response to a roadblock!

What's next for inverxion -

stress-test the environment and functionality, in any given month 2.4 million businesses are seeking capital

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