things to do for development:
design and make levels
    iteratively refine levels ad nauesum
    final bug check
add khalic to credits
    Plan A. Get on steam
        post looping gifs to /r/gaming and /r/indiegaming
        make a youtube video?
        Contact JIG/various other promoters
        Youtube channels
        Maybe widget can help me?
    Plan B. Get a sponsor
        Use FGL. money don't matter.
        Use this game to promote inverse 2 on steam
game design / idea

Game mechanics:

gold orbs: the objective of the game is to collect all the gold orbs in a level.
otherwise gold orbs don't do anything.

black orbs: these affect the level itself in some way. Usually by removing/adding 
some obstacle.

blue orbs (unused): When on a blue orb, time goes backwards. This means everything done
becomes undone in reverse order. A past version of yourself is seen undoing everything.
if past you got a rotation, you will see past you seemingly walking on walls.

lava: these are simple, brute obstacles. the player cannot touch the lava squares.
otherwise he will die.

rotations: these turn the entire level 90,180 or 270. Due to the way level are
constructed, they will always appear upright. Thus a 180 or 270 turn will cause an
"inverse" to happen in the players head. The game data will reflect this.

Portals (unused): speedy thing go in, speedy thing go out. The orientation of portals
changes based on the overall rotation. IE like everything else, it inverts.

game mechanics note: things ABOVE the floor in perspective 0 are below the 
floor in perspective 2. Anything accessible in perspective 0 is accessible in
perspective 1. Anything accessible in perspective 2 is accessible in perspective 3      

level plan: (1-9) tutorial (10-13) easy (14-17) medium (18-20) hard


level specification:

[floor data, initial position, misc items, dead items, elevations, text]

floor data: floor heights at x,y [ [z00,z01,z02...z0n], [z10,z11,z12...z1n], ... [zn0,zn1,zn2...znn] ]

initial position: starting co ord of player [x0,y0]

misc: list of collectable items [ [item type, association,x,y,z] ]

dead: list of items which are not in play at the start of the level. [ [item type, association,x,y,z] ]

elevations: specifies how to change floor data when a key is gotten [ [association,x,y,+-z] ]

text: list of level help texts [top text, right text, bottom text, left text]

item types: 0-gold orb 1-black orb 2-blue orb 1x-transform of type x. x=0,1,2,3 maps to up, right, down, left respectivly 2x-lava of type x. x=0,1,2,3,4,5,6 maps to (floor), (wall), (face), (wall+face), (face+floor), (wall+floor), (wall+floor+face) 3x-portal of type x. x=0,1,2 maps to (floor), (wall), (face) 40-clock

wishlist: "preview mode" outline for orb effected items? past self shadow portal issue graph v, z. Figure out cause stuck in wall glitch accelerate/decelerate rotation animation


level class visually manage environment report existance of objects to player provide a timmer function for animations hold on to current levels data loads new level from parent sometimes

Player class move around in environment based on player input respond to level data as needed inform level of changes made by interactions visually manage itself

menu class keep track of current level keep track of game states such as paused or win provide level data when needed provide a win function allow navigation to and from main menu

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