The novelty of this application is not yet founded.The main aim of developing this application is to help the inventory department of airport authority.This application does not exist till date .

What it does

The app is completely based on scanning QR code which is going to be placed in the equipment , machineries and devices . Scanning the QR code leads to access the data that contains the information on the date of installation and past service records . It also paves way for updating the records on the spot by the admin and the maintenance team .The data can also be accessed and updated by using the device ID which is unique and created along with the QR code . It greatly helps the maintenance team to know and maintain the machineries and devices . It also has the feature of alerting the team once the service date is neared only when the dates are updated .

How I built it

The project UI was designed in adobeXD .The layout was attractively built using the libraries present in android studio.The database system used for implementation was Firebase. Gradle was the main part of the application for deployment.

Challenges I ran into

We came across a massive challenge with the login activity .An exception error was thrown at the activity which took an hour to solve the bug.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Im really proud of developing this kind of application which could help and solve lots of problems related to the inventory department.Im sure my project would become a grand sucess.

What I learned

I've learned Gradle deployment using android-studio. To create an attractive UI layout using adobeXD.

What's next for Inventrz

We are planning to implement Blockchain Technology in the future.

Built With

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