Our inspiration was the entrepreneurial spirt that is evidently present in the members of the Lion Launchpad (the sponsors for our challenge). We wish to help them to continue to grow and innovate.

What it does

The inventory management system allows users to keep track of resources in a maker-space. Members can check out items via a silky smooth web interface. Because this application is a webserver, it allows for wireless connection from any device: desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

How we built it

The system was built using the extensive Python Django web framework. Because the framework is so robust, it promises the ability for new and exciting features.

Challenges we ran into

Django is sometimes referee to as an opinionated library. The developers of this framework decided to impose restrictions on ways to implement webservers with it. This results in a steep learning curve which was an enjoyable puzzle to tackle in under 24 hours.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Our team is proud that our webserver is running smoothly and providing functionality that was requested by the sponsor.

What we learned

All team members learned a great deal about the systems design cycle. We gained valuable experience in tools such as Django and Python.

What's next for Inventory System

The inventory system, as stated above, holds promise to be expanded with numerous cool features. This range from an integrated calendaring system to hardware devices that can automatically scan items in the makerspace.

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