My wife and I own a candy shop and updating inventory when receiving new shipments was very time consuming. I wrote InventorySquared to enable multiple people to use phones (or tablets) to update inventory. We no longer have use the POS or crowd around the store laptop to update Square inventory. We also use the app when we are recounting items.

What it does

InventorySquared uses the phone's or tablet's camera as a UPC barcode scanner. After the user logs into their Square account, they select if they are receiving new stock or recounting existing items. Next, they hold the camera over barcode. Inventory Squared automatically recognizes the UPC and displays a popup. The user can enter the number of new items or recount of existing items. The app updates Square inventory and returns to scan mode ready for the next barcode.

How I built it

InventorySquared was written using Apple's Xcode and uses the SwiftUI framework.

Challenges I ran into

The authentication process was the biggest challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm most proud of the app's ease of use and its speed.

What I learned

I learned the Swift framework and several Square APIs.

What's next for InventorySquared

When possible using the Inventory API, I want to add the ability to handle items that are sold by weight.

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