We did research on manufacturing, production and logistics industry among the big player companies and we found out they are not efficient enough compared to their market share in terms of inventory management and warehousing management. Our Inspiration is to

What it does

We made an Inventory management smart with the help of computer vision and Machine learning so that everything passes through your system is being observed and you have data about how much inventory do you have which help you to set some rules so that you can order new inventories when it is below some threshold.

How I built it

We build it with the Help of IBM Image recognition and Node-red platform by IBM.

Challenges I ran into

We were very new to IBM platform and Node-red so it was not easy.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we learned to use the power of cloud computing to make web apps for fast and efficient.

What I learned

Learned Javascript, IBM cloud services and many more.

What's next for InventoriX

We will take the project to next level.

Instruction to run the program.

We have JSON file on GitHub. In order to run the application, one needs to install Node-red. And insert the JSON file which will create flow and after deploying, and starting the server from the terminal with "node-red" commandOne can go to localhost from their browser and run the app. Please let me know if you got problem and I can help you around.

Built With

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