CU Boulder MD5 Hackathon 2018


Problem: According to the NSA: 80% of known cyber attacks could have been prevented, but many small and medium sized businesses either don't prioritize or cannot afford to invest in Cybersecurity.

Solution: A Product/Service that combines dynamic IT Asset tracking AND tailored security intel aggregation.

Target: Small - Medium businesses

Value added:

  • Expertise
    • Diverse team of Software Development, Cybersecurity, & Business management
  • Time
    • Knowledge needed to effectively consume seemingly endless data streams regarding current cyber posture
    • Integration with IT asset accounting streamlines having actionable information
  • Money
  • Accessibility
    • Tiered payment model allows us flexibility and wider reach of customers
    • We would reach out to GOV and non-GOV industry partners with focus in communications security and offer exclusive communications platform to target the clients that are running their products


Question Answer
Who will trust us with their data? We will have a higher paid tier that allows the client to locally encrypt and store their inventory
What makes us different? We are leveraging asset management to curate and target actionable intelligence (Focus the firehose)
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