You've got a nice home and a fancy alarm system, but its always set off by your dog, or your kid who gets up in the middle of the night. There's no way to get smart notifications when certain events happen.

Introducing Intruder.AI: intelligent security that lets you specify which events to get notified about.

Aaron has a son and a dog. He sets Intruder AI to ignore his son getting a midnight snack. If his dog is in the kitchen, send a minor alert. And if any other adult enters the house, notify immediately. He starts the service and goes to sleep.

First, his son is identified in the video but is ignored.

Next, his dog is detected getting into the garbage. He’ll get a text message and an yellow alert from the Internet connected LED on his night stand.

Finally, if an adult man is in the house, Aaron will get a text and the LED will turn code f%$#ing red.

Visual recognition powered by Clarifai. Text messages delivered by Nexmo. Built with Verizon Thingspace.

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