Presence means to be mindful and live the current moment to the full extent. Being inclusive and encouraging all to be present will lead to a better future. How do we truly be inclusive for all? The world has never been so awakened to celebrate diversity, empathy, and connections. However, the channel to build connections, social events, has not changed much since a long time ago. The biggest missing opportunity in social events is around introverts. Putting people in the same room does not mean meaningful connections will naturally happen. For introverts, the stress of approaching strangers could intimidate them.

Our project makes future networking experience at social events more inclusive and stress-free for all personality types, especially introverts, supporting everyone to be fully present and make meaningful connections.

What it does & How we built it

We worked with ThinkReality A3 lightweight AR glasses and used Snapdragon Spaces SDK’s image tracking and hand tracking to have information registered by users augmented and displayed around them at social events. This way the information is accessible to all personality types and even people who have disabilities related to hearing and communicating. Users now can learn more about other participants at the same events before approaching them for a conversation. Common interests could inspire talking points and better aligned goals at the social event, which could lead to deeper connection.

Challenges we ran into

It is not easy to build the solution in 2.5 days. The two main functionalities image and hand tracking are new technology that works on new platform to us. We are a team of 5, and 4 of us are first time hackers. In terms of the design, the team has limited experience on 3D arts. Designers are used to web and mobile design and took some time to grasp the playground in the 3D world.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working through the above challenges made us stronger. We are very proud despite many difficulties, we defined MVP well. We also make a good team in terms of working in parallel. We spent time at the very beginning to ideate as a team and make sure that the objectives and vision of the project is aligned. While our developers work on prototyping the MVP, designers worked on sketching out the mockup and making project video.

What we learned

All of us feel inspired by each other and amazed by the work we could deliver in such a short amount of time. We learned the importance of MVP, saying no to all the great ideas we want to build and stick to realistic goals. We also learned about building things in iteration and testing one thing at a time. Most importantly, we had fun!

What's next for IntroWork

Overall we are very happy to be working on the concept to promote DEI for all personality types. We see the potential of IntroWork's idea to bring down the barrier of building connections and reducing the importance of communication skills in social events to presence, self-expression, and building relationships. We would love to explore business and market needs of this idea and continue to revise the technology and application that could make this experience better.

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