With the recent concerns about privacy and data leaks, along with the changes introduced by the GDPR, we wanted a central location where we could see what information companies have on us and manage that data.

What it does

Connects to accounts like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc to aggregate and visualize the available data. Also pulls in news and alerts about privacy or recent data leaks. If a recent leak is detected, we use an stdlib API to send text alerts to all users, including an article and steps to manage your data.

How I built it

We hosted our project on a DigitalOcean droplet with a .tech domain (

The front-end was HTML, CSS + Bootstrap, and JavaScript + jQuery.

We used stdlib (node.js) to periodically run a function that grabs headlines from News API and filters it to check for recent data leaks. If a leak was found, the stdlib API sends a MessageBird SMS alert to users with a link to an article.

Challenges I ran into

Originally, we weren't sure how we wanted to visualize the data, but after we exported our data from Facebook and had a look through it, we realized that the ad interests section was the most interesting, since Facebook was guessing what you liked. From there, we decided to make a word cloud of terms present in the data, which was a nice overview of what we interacted with most. Also, we've never built a web app like this completely from scratch, and we've never used stdlib, so this was a new and challenging experience. One of the most challenging parts was breaking down the core of our project and then coordinating our efforts so that we could work in parallel and get working product by the end of the 24hrs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A working data leak text notification service and word cloud visualization using Facebook data.

What I learned

How to use stdlib as a way to quickly deploy APIs.

What's next for introspec

Finish implementing missing features and connect accounts other than Facebook.

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