Driving 4-6k miles a month as an Uber and delivery driver, being stuck in traffic.


allow me to introduce WeRoute! The smart mobility app that relieves traffic congestion, by rewarding commuters for optimizing traffic flow!

Essentially the way it works is like this. Users of the app maintain a “Traffic Relief” score, in the form of Traffic Tokens, determined by the extent of their participation in the app and its features, contribute to reducing traffic congestion in their surrounding region and on their routes.

Traffic Tokens (and good “congestion relief” scores) can be earned in a variety of ways and degree, including (but certainly not limited to) users staying put -or simply not driving- during peak hours, taking alternate modes of travel, (like transit, rideshare, biking, and walking), carpooling, using ride hailing services (like Uber and Lyft), taking toll roads, scheduling trips and events outside of peak traffic hours, lowering average Total Vehicle Miles Traveled (TVMT), Increasing relative Total Passenger Miles Travelled (TPMT), ordering delivery instead of takeout, and possibly the most important of all, avoiding congestion by rerouting to destinations using our qualifying alternate routes. “WeRoutes”!

Users can then browse the RUsh Hour Marketplace tab for deals and vendors they can spend their TT at, and can check their Green Ligh Loyalty Inventory tab to see what theyve acquired.

So in contrast to the broken, boring “rerouting” that’s currently available to commuters, our users will “WeRoute” to their destination instead! “We Routing”, using “WeRoutes”, and getting paid!

That’s the most important metric since not only is smart-routing the most effective way to reduce congestion and optimize flow, (and therefore earns the most tokens), but it also facilitates the creation of our unique location-based advertising platform and loyalty discounts marketplace, called “Rush Hour”, which itself is the secret sauce of our traffic-busting technology.

Rush Hour Rebates Marketplace

This innovative discount marketplace platform is what enables us to incentivize our users to actually relieve traffic effectively. Users are automatically offered deep discounts to all qualifying vendors physically-located and/or advertised on “WeRoutes”, where users can redeem the Traffic Tokens they’ve accumulated towards specially discounted goods and services at many of their favorite local retailers!

The goal of course with calling it “Rush Hour” is to get people to start associating the term with its seemingly total antonym, “Happy Hour”, which ironically happens to occur at the same exact time, around 4 to 7pm! Thus, equating Rush Hour with peak discounts and peak relaxation, as opposed to the peak traffic, peak stress, and peak misery that it currently means to people! (And we have Rush Hour Rebates, Rush Hour Restaurants, Rush Hour Reservations, Rush Hour Menus, (like Happy Hour Menus), and Rush Hour Routes urls to name just a few!)

This marketplace also allows us to actually monetize the business, (can’t forget that!), by taking a small percentage of each Rush Hour purchase (using Traffic Tokens), onboarding vendor partners with a monthly fee, and selling (ultra-effective, hyper-personalized) geo-ad space, in addition to offering subscription plans and other future potential revenue streams (like data, licensing, hardware sales, capital gains, carbon credits, and other cashflow avenues).

Users can also use their Traffic Tokens towards mobility and transportation services, including their local /regional transit system (bus, rail, subway), toll roads, carpool lanes, ride-hailing services (like Uber and Lyft), bikeshares, scooters, carshares (like ZipCar), microtransit, and more! With enough Traffic Tokens, (and/or by subscription) users can even earn near-unlimited access to the entire suite of mobility and transportation services in their city! (Eventually this can even scale and evolve w/ the future of transportation, including everything from hyperloops and high speed rail, to autonomous cars, flying taxis, and whatever else comes to life in the burgeoning smart urban mobility space!)

Traffic Tokens

Traffic Token is a Mobility Rewards ERC20 Token Smart Contract. Token is distributed as a crypto currency to commuters in accordance with their travel decisions which quantifiably optimize traffic flow and reduce congestion. The amount of TT users earn is determined directly, (and in real-time), simply by the user’s verified location at any given time, triangulated with their mobility performance metrics. (Metrics listed earlier).

Vendors sponsor token distribution, (given to them thru their basic onboarding subscription, and purchased thru additional ad spend). These tokens are then automatically transmitted to users on the app as ads, (usually while driving by their physical storefront). As little as a single token (worth $0.01) per transmission, these distributions come with an ad, (for their offered deals and rebate level), and also verify the ad (and offer) has been received by the user.

When a user purchases from a participating Rush Hour vendor, (storefront or in-app), that user’s account is credited TT equivalent to the discount rebate rate they’ve achieved with that vendor. They can also redeem their existing TT for that purchase to add to their total effective discount.

Users can then check their Rush Hour Inventory tab in the We Route app for their loyalty status at all the vendors they’ve collected tokens and deals from, and can browse the Rush Hour Marketplace for other local vendors, rewards programs, and special offers on the platform redeemable for TT. (Alongside of course their total available tokens, metrics dashboard, and more). Users can exchange TT for all vendor deals and rewards points in the marketplace, while some vendors will even allow users to redeem their points for TT. Users can also purchase TT in the marketplace outright, using USD, BTC, ETH, and select cryptos.

In this fashion, TT acts as a currency for rewards, backed by optimized traffic flow, and adspace. All TT is always worth more within the marketplace, (at vendors and transportation services) than its USD equivalent, making it essentially a “permanent discount coupon”. It acts as “proof-of-advertising”, measured by “geo-clickthru” (as vendors can see exactly how many of their distributed offers convert into visits and sales, who their exact customers are, and more). And lastly yet most importantly, TT acts as a smart ledger for the congestion relief efforts of individuals and communities.

Traffic Token is a Smart Mobility, Smart Contract, for Smart Commuters and Smart Cities! A token that creates an exchange and currency for rewards points, (therefore improving rewards), an exchange and currency for traffic flow (therefore improving congestion), and an exchange and currency for mobility services (therefore improving transportation). All in one! While creating a single dashboard for all of your points programs! Which alone is huge!

Challenges I ran into

This Deadline and my laptop completely giving out on the last day.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This invention. Making this deadline, at least.

What I learned

Many things, every day.

What's next for WeRoute

Pilot cities in the US.

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