Intrigue — The Game of Schmoozing and Spying


Intrigue is a party game that borrows ideas from a mix of several classic games, such as Mafia, Resistance, and Clue. Building on the deception and mental deduction processes that are a core part of these games, Intrigue leverages the capabilities of mobile devices to provide additional structure and frenetic humor by modernizing these game concepts. The result is a fun and whimsical, yet mind-bending party game.

Game Overview

You, currently a slave to the corporate world, are given an opportunity for a rare promotion when your boss sends you to a business conference filled with employees of powerful companies. Your presence there is not just for fun, however. Your boss has informed you that there is something you need to do, and promises to provide further details as the weekend progresses. Over the course of the weekend, you mix and mingle while obtaining the information required to complete your task and be rewarded. It's incredible the amount of information you can pick up from other people—but beware—some may have enough clout to deceive you!

Technical Details

Intrigue is a React Native application compatible with iOS and Android. The game uses Bluetooth Low Energy to turn phones into iBeacons, which allow for distance sensing between players. We utilize this for in-game interaction that's based off of players actual proximity to each other. Furthermore, we use network modeling to procedurally generate the game's story for players to explore and analyze so that the experience is new every time they play.

Looking Forward

While we think that Intrigue is incredibly enjoyable as it is, there are a few directions in which we can build on the game. These include various special abilities of different employees and random events between rounds, more in-depth scenarios, and further improvement to the UI of the application.

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