We all are sick and tired of waiting or scheduling a visit with academic advisors. Why not bring the academic advisor home? We thought of two main possible activities that are completed by an advisor in order to help a student i.e. Getting to know seniors and developing a course plan.

What it does

Our web app collects data about the type of roles an individual is looking for example “Software Developer”, “Data Analyst”, etc. and also enquires about company’s name he/she aspires to work in. Along with the company, we have attached another determining variable called number of years of work experience. When a user enters in these values, the algorithm gives you a list of seniors that have worked in these companies working as mentioned specific roles. The second part of the application helps in determining a course plan that a student should stick to based on the same 2 variables; role and years of work experience.

How we built

Database – MySql Languages used – HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery and PHP Challenges we ran into We had planned to implement a machine learning algorithm to come up with a course plan using R. we were unable to run R script on a webpage and integrate JS and PHP objects with R script. So we decided not to work with R very late in our development.

What’s Next for our app

Super cool machine learning algorithm and an extensive database consisting many students.

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