Every minute, thousands of patients worldwide are administered an insulin dose. Unlike syringes, pills and IV`s, which are immediately discarded , the insulin pen is reused multiple times for the same patient.

The situation right now is as follows: At the patients dosage time, the nurse goes to the hallway medicine cart, picks out the patients insulin pen by matching his name on a large sheet with the number on the pen, administers the insulin, and returns the pen back to the cart.

Very often, between going to and fro to the patient, the nurse gets distracted with other work and misplaces the insulin pen. Sometimes the small font and large lists confuse the nurse and she mixes up the pens and users.

Mixups in insulin pens can lead to cross contamination causing Hep-B , HIV etc.

In-Track is a carrier for insulin pens, that takes advantage of the already color coded bar codes to track, monitor and log insulin pen usage in real time and notify the nurse and the management via text and emails.

Intrack can :

  • Show the nurse the corresponding patient/pen color via colored LEDs
  • Log pen usage on a central server
  • Identify a lost pen and notify the nurse about which pen is missing via texts, emails and vibrations.
  • Hospitals can use the data in this system on their own webpages.

Intrack uses:

  • A particle photon
  • Google sheets
  • RGB sensors

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