Patient Monitoring System - Industry 4.0


Monitoring patients have become a challenge in the past years. It is impossible for doctors to attend all patients at once especially in hospitals where many doctors are not available. Hence there is a need to use imperative solutions and keep up monitoring easy.

What it does

The primary goal was to develop a reliable patient monitoring system using IoT.So that the healthcare professionals can monitor their patients, who are either hospitalized or at home using an IoT based integrated healthcare system with the view of ensuring patients are cared for better.

How we built it

Patient monitoring system -Industry 4.0 can provide real time online information about physiological conditions of a patient mainly consists of sensors, the data acquisition unit, serial communication, ESP8266 controller, Microcontroller (i.e., Raspberry pi), and programmed with a software. The patient’s temperature, heart beat rate, Intravenous fluid flow, blood pressure is monitored, displayed and stored by the system and sent to the doctors/nurse's mobile or computer or TV containing our cloud web-server.

Challenges we ran into

The IoT technology has the opportunities and challenges in accessing the medical data. The computing resources is a challenges since the data used is huge and that is Big Data, so the data need to be decentralized. Moreover the data is of heterogeneous in nature Since the data is distributed data the software approach to deal this data is with the cloud computing platform. These are designed to coordinate with the hybrid data. A cloud platform is developed to deal the heterogeneous data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The health of the patients in the hospital will be severely affected if they are not treated properly on time and there is a high risk of causing more diseases. Patients monitoring is a challenging factor in the past years. This system can be applied in any hospital and can be get report of many patients at once, it’s the huge medical industrial revolution.

What we learned

Many conventional data analytical approach were done and there is a need to extend this approach in terms of scalability, diversity and distribution of the data. The data collection on the sensor is high voluminous and there is a need for continuous generation of data. Internet of Things device is an integrated network architecture and has a mechanism for inter connecting various other sensors and transmission.

What's next for Patient Monitoring System - Industry 4.0

This system techniques can also be applied for all health care services and its applications like disease supervision and elderly care using autonomous robots and automatic treatment for particular emergencies. The system can be modified to the industrial needs and could be used for industrial applications and many other applications.

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