“Away from the cities, our future is in the old villages” states the architect Stefano Boeri regarding our lives after the pandemic. Just in Italy there are 5800 small centers with a population under 5000 citizens, of which 2300 are abandoned and many others are still facing the destruction caused by the earthquake. Beside that it’s important to highlight that the great amount of festivals hosted by the borghi (i.e.villages), represent the biggest amount of the cultural offer of Italy that reach the most of population. Saving the continuity of this events, now threatened by social distancing laws and the perceived risk, is a primary need to preserve its cultural and socio-economical wealth.

What it does

The festivals that take place in the borghi are typically of different nature and can be categorized in four main categories:

  • Historical Re-Enactments
  • Food Festivals
  • Cultural Festivals (talks, exhibition, interviews,performance, etc.)
  • Music Festivals

The solution we provide can be immediately adopted for guaranteeing the continuity of Cultural Festivals and in the next future also to the others kinds of events.

Due to the nature of the Cultural Festivals, they are well suited to be fragmented in small sub events and performances. These performances can be, firstly, regulated in terms of the amount of participants. Secondly, each event can be redistributed across the territory avoiding gathering of people in few spots. This redistribution can be seen either as a reallocation of small event performances within the borgo itself, distributing them in more spots, or as a reshaping of big events in more sub-events relocated across the nearby borghi, using the small event logic format to avoid people concentration. Moreover, it is also possible to act on the temporal variable: the event duration can be extended temporally in order to dilute the people flow across more days.

The choice to focus on these particular kind of urban agglomeration lies in their morphology, in fact many of these still present the original defensive walls, whose gate can be used as check-point in order to control the access to the intramoenia area. Yes… that’s where the name comes from ;)

What intraMANIA does?

IntraMANIA is a solution for helping festival organizers to manage festival organization according to new social distancing guidelines and to allow participants to safely attend the festival. It supports a new festival organization paradigm providing a platform able to:

  • Track all the festivals that are taking place in a certain distance radius and date.
  • Provide a digital map and the scheduling of the fragmented events.
  • Give the possibility to book a ticket for the festival and also for each performance taking place in it.
  • Broadcast via streaming the events.
  • Let people pay the ticket.
  • Collect money for donation/sponsorship.
  • Host a 'job' section for helping the demand/offer matching for collaborator and volunteers.

How we built it

The realization of the idea consists of an hybrid app that can be used either from browser or through an Android/iOS app. This latter exploits the potential offered by the React.js framework which allows developers to create cross-platform applications, easily distributable to users through the usual app stores.

The management of the platform data will be entrusted to a server infrastructure capable of managing big data, using dedicated external services or specific proprietary data centers, securely save user data, respecting the provisions of the GDPR regulation, and collect feedback from users to provide and improve a better user experience over time.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge has been represented by the impossibility of working and interacting physically each others.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

IntraMANIA offers the possibility to give a continuity to the cultural offer, which is fundamental for the social economical fabric growth and development. Moreover, the new intraMANIA event organization paradigm will represent a catalyst to focus on the potential of borghi as rediscovery of a new old fashioned way to live. Indeed, once the infrastructure is embedded in the territory it allows making them smarter, and a desirable place to live in. Most of these places are of an undeniable beauty, intraMANIA is a catalyst to activate them and make them lively. Furthermore, the platform itself will give more visibility to those cultural event that often are unknown to most of the people.

What's next for IntraMANIA

Once the platform will be fully developed, it will be implemented and tested in a small regional cultural event in order to get some feedback from the organizer and users. After this testing-event, it will be applied at regional event to start growing the number of event supported by the platform.


  • What if the government will forbid the physical execution of Cultural Festivals?
    Although IntraMANIA is a platform for events tickets booking, it has the potential to broadcast exhibitions, talks and performances via streaming to let people enjoy the cultural offer.

  • What about privacy issue?
    As it has been said, the infrastructure will be able to securely save user data, respecting the provisions of the GDPR regulation.

  • What if I am not digital friendly?
    IntraMANIA do not preclude the possibility to book/buy the ticket at box offices.

  • Who are the stakeholders?
    Mainly they are: Festival Organizer, Cultural Associations, Local Public Authorities.

  • Will the spread of the event across the territories increase the costs?
    Perhaps the costs will be higher, however due to the fact that the event will interest more than one local administration/economic frameworks, the organizer will access to higher public and private funds.

  • What you need from EUvsVirus?
    Reaching out to interested community.

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