With covid 19 mental health issues have been on the rise and we wanted to help connect students. InTouch encourages students to make new friendships to help battle mental illness and loneliness. InTouch also give students a resource to get academic help while navigating online school.

What it does

InTouch is an app that allows for an innovative way to meet new people within your classes and university. We’re focused on creating likeminded student to student connections. Each semester a student is paired with another student, who is taking the same course. This student is paired based on multiple aspects: personality tests, hobbies/interests. InTouch also hosts weekly events to help bring students together.

How I built it

We designed it using Figma and our ML algorithm is built using python. The user interface is designed to be simple, easy to use but still convey all the required information. We chose systems that are easy to develop yet scalable for when the app expands.

Challenges I ran into

Building a full stack application in the given amount of time. We have many ideas but the time restriction made us cut down the number of options we could implement.

What I learned

This was our teams first hackathon and we learned a lot about time management and being able to pick an idea and run with it. We also learned how to work well as a team and trust each other to accomplish their tasks.

Team 23

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