Hi!​ This is EPAM team. And we want to introduce our project – Braille 3D generator for order fulfilment service.​ As was rightly noted in the MACHathon brief, while stuck-at-home experience is new to many of us, it has always been the routine for​ those with health challenges and disabilities. So, after lengthy discussions and brainstorming sessions we decided to implement a solution that may help people with vision impairment.

What it does

Many of us spend more time at home these days. We began to visit public places like shops and supermarkets less often.​ Obvious consequence for these changes is that we buy everything online and use delivery services almost everyday.​ More than 30 million blind and partially sighted people live in Europe. In the UK, for example, businesses have a duty to make reasonable adjustments to people with disabilities, which includes those with visual impairments​ We’ve been thinking how to make online shopping and delivery experience for people with vision impairment as comfortable as for any other online customer. So, we started looking towards braille.​ Product name and attributes, expiration date, percentage content of all the elements of the food – this information is crucial and being added on a pack in braille it could be available for everyone. ​

High-level design

For the PoC we used commercetools platform and fluentcommerce for order management but be sure – it can work with any other ecommerce solutions.​ Our event-based solution is a cloud microservices those work simple as a magic box. Somewhere in the middle of order fulfillment process we have a step that waits for braille labels to be printed. When order is placed, event is sent to a queue and waits to be processed.​ As an input for the microservice we use order data, such as order number, product names etc. Microservice uses this data to generate 3D model (in STL format) of braille. Then the models could be sent to a printing service or warehouse where it will be printed. ​ Order process waits for labels to be printed and when it’s done, microservice sends a notification back.​


Demo storefront / / 123456

Git lab with microservices

Fluent commerce / epammachathondemo_admin / 7EHSK2

Cloudinary / / P@ssw0rd123

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