Our project serves to build a NFT-utility Play and Earn Metaverse that would cater to multiple blockchains through interoperable assets and community collaborations inside the metaverse. It is built in the real world (metaverse) and the unreal hidden world inside the dungeons. Players would be given real ownership of their NFT warriors and metaverse avatars, and they would be able to buy, sell, craft unique collectibles and upgrade them inside the marketplace. The metaverse would serve for gamified DeFi, social recreational, and Impactful purposes like ReFi and UBI. Moreover, our vision is to build it all in a browser based mobile compatible gameplay, that would be used by people using a mobile phone.

We grew up with role-playing games in which characters, plots, and items were all important. Our main goal is to give players the sense of accomplishment and ownership. The game's clear 8-bit appearance is a throwback to the early 1990s games, but the gameplay is current and streamlined.

What it does

The QuestForOasis Game:

  • Story based gameplay, Player has to collect loot from the chests, and kill the guarding monsters.

  • Player has to unlock the locked token gates to reach the OASIS NFT collectible found at the End of the gameplay.

  • For achieving this, he has to break open the walls to find the mysterious wizard and fetch the key to the gate.

  • In the end, after killing the evil angel, the player finally gets the key to the ultimate gate to get to the Oasis NFT.

  • Player has three lives and is minted 4 DGN tokens for every Chest collected.

Dungeon Token DGN : 0x1cF8F21D4c16CB0e55eDdb1559868806b12f8548 Verify on Emerald Paratime Testnet on Oasis testnet Explorer.


  • Help the Dwarf king to rebuild his homeland all made up of NFT.

  • The game is built using phaser and solidity deployed on Oasis blockchain with help of truffle.

  • The enemy AI is equipped with capabilities that they starting approaching the hero as soon as the warrior approaches to collect the chest

  • The player can to deposit 10 DGN tokens deployed on Emerald Paratime TestNetwork

  • After collecting all chests the player gets a reward of 2 x DepositAmount Here 20DGN, if killed, the player loses his stake.

  1. Gameplay Contract: 0x549cd4aC93ABe989bB7C9B956eCb59F32DFf5180

  2. Token Contract (faucet and reward): 0x334D0512a87f6549fAAffD7325F2b9cE8449B416

Oasis Game-Fi Native NFT Marketplace

This is the place to shop your game assets using the DGN game token and later use these to equip the purchased heroes inside the dungeon based QuestForOasis Game. You can obtain DGN (Game Native Token) token by swapping an equivalent amount of ROSE on the swap inside our Metaverse.

nftaddress = "0xD493fBE541130c9414d4DFF4f714357ffd8F6ec8"

Verify Here on Emereal Paratime testnet explorer

nftmarketaddress ="0x1a6451B4E9dDC3f9EEa54Eb2Dd93eC4CA6daA660"

Verify Here on Emereal Paratime testnet explorer

How we built it

  • We have built the Metaverse and Game using a lightweight javascript Phaser Engine. The assets have been designed in Figma, Photoshop and Illustrator and Aseprite and assembled via Tiled

  • For the Marketplace, we have used React, Hardhat, Oasis Emerald Paratime RPC, Ethers. All the NFT metadata is stored to the IPFS using the http-client

  • The QuestForOasis has been built on Phaser and React. The rewards have been programmed on the Blockchain.

  • The Contracts for the games (token, gameplay, marketplace and escrow) have been written in solidity and deployed using truffle and hardhat.

Challenges we ran into

  • Using Hardhat along with Oasis Emerald Paratime

  • Designing the assets for the game from surroundings, spritesheets, and then layering them on tiled software, before importing them using code.

  • Mappings, collisions and different function calls, dynamic updates to game Ui and socket logic for the game and programming the ownerships and reward mechanism off-chain

  • Working with IPFS to store NFT metadata off-chain for our NFT marketplace.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning about Oasis Emerald Paratime, and creating a gaming dApp and a decentralised native marketplace using smart contracts, and learning to deploy using Truffle and Hardhat and also interfacing with Web3 and Ethers libraries and leveraging our design and technical strengths to create a collective product.

What we learned

  • Moving forward with vision
  • Asking questions and seeking solutions through code.
  • Making use of designs and spritesheets in games.

What's next for IntoTheVerse Oasis Gamefi

  • Build out a mobile version of the game on Unity WebGL,
  • Introduce Land Sale genesis for the metaverse with special incentives to the early owners.
  • NFT presale for the game characters, improved storylines and lore and building community Our Discord:

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