Whether on a personal or on a professional level - social interaction has been the most damaged by COVID global crisis. We may say, we have "life before COVID" - and "life after COVID."

Think at the images which made you feel good, or what you used to dream:

  • Swimming in the Indonesian sunset
  • Kissing under the Tour Eiffel
  • Hiking on the Santiago path - or just:
  • Inviting a few friends over for dinner, sharing a meal and some wine.

Now think to all the scenes you've seen, or heard of during these times.

  • People volunteering to help and support, from US to Europe, to the most remote of places.
  • Digital Hackathons spreading from the Baltics to the global scale.
  • Musicians giving live concerts from their bedrooms.
  • Entire districts in home-isolation, singing together from their balcony to lift each other up.

What do all these stories have in common? _ Experience. A deeper human connection. Sharing. _ And either in the good or the hard times, people always find a way to do just that. That's what Intoo TV is about: creating and sharing experience, on demand. When is needed. When the COVID crisis keeps us isolated one from the other. To let Social Distancing feel us closer to each other.

What it does

In a nutshell: Intoo is a p2p live-streaming network to design, share and monetize real-life experiences.


  1. General: many people (for life or health-conditions) cannot travel the places that they like, and/or experience something they would like to do.
  2. _ COVID Crisis / Social Distancing / Isolation : now people are stuck at home, and they cannot see anything around them, in other cities, or countries, and even basic daily-life actions, such as "gardening" "riding a bike" or "go to the market" are hard to do. Also, except for what the media ( filtered communication _) share with them, people have a hard time understanding what the situation is in other countries/cities, or even their own. This makes hard to discern reliable information.
  3. Because of public health measures - performers, artists, Influencers, travelers, ..., had to cancel their tours and change their plans. These categories need a budget to keep sharing and producing their content, and their content has never been as valuable as it is during this global crisis. Surely for entertainment, but especially to keep and establish a genuine human bond, a connection.


  1. We make it easy for people in isolation to "design" an experience they want to live in first person, setting up the duration, the location, and the budget for it.
  2. Performers, creators, artists, or just regular people can "browse" the open experiences, and "match" with them in a Tinder-like fashion, based on their interests and their skills.
  3. If the Experience-creator likes their profile, "it's a match" - and the two parties can agree on a time and date for the experience to happen. In real-time broadcast.
  4. After that, the viewer will rate the experience, and the broadcaster will receive the reward/budget set!

Values & USPs:

  1. Strictly one-to-one broadcast: an unfiltered, real-life experience, from a person to another.
  2. Entirely customizable: the experience you want, with the duration, location, and budget you want. Realized specifically for you, in real-time.
  3. Easy, and fun: just like selecting a tv series on Netflix.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Intoo TV

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