INTIMATE STRANGERS is a cinematic experience in 3D 360° that tells the story of a couple whose toxic relationship is tested by the addition of a stranger one wild night.

Stretching the boundaries of what is possible in VR cinema, a professional crew of filmmakers are constructing a taught dramatic narrative that showcases the new medium in a compelling dramatic story. Using proprietary camera systems, binaural audio capture, and innovative stitching, we are building the first scene of the 15 minute short film.

After several rounds of casting and extensive rehearsals, our film crew has used 10 + cameras in an array to film the scenes that open the film in 3D 360°. Looking forward toward the future of VR cinema and experiences, we are constructing a tension filled narrative, using SAG actors, extensive production design, and multiple cuts.

The story centers around a young couple, Donny Doverman and Cathy Jupiter, whose toxic relationship is tested by the addition of a young girl named Shelly one wild night. As Donny digs himself deeper into a hole with his girlfriend Cathy, he sets out to prove he'll do anything to win back her love.

The film will feature a special shot where we have stitched in the visuals of a dream that another character in the scene is describing, which can show us the potential of voice over and dream sequences within VR experiences. The film also features aerial cinematography using 360 camera systems attached to drones for added production value and original music by artists Lorn and Krater.

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