To brighten somebody's day.

What it does

Sends you a meme over SMS via a keyword or random using the Tropo system

How we built it

We built inTheMemeTime with the Tropo calling software over two days at the ArborHacks Hackathon

Challenges we ran into

Getting access to the calling function on the Tropo system was the main obstacle we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a project that is fully fledged and can have new systems added in easily

What we learned

We learned JavaScript, RegX, Tropo, HTML, how to use APIs, and many basic coding principals

What's next for inTheMemeTime

Adding new features and improvements such as expanding it to add more options like more types of memes


The memes used were not all checked through for appropriateness


Try it out

To use inTheMemeTime, text: +1 (734) 794-3419

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