Inspiration: NCR's workshops dealing with different scenarios from the future allowed us to see the issues with the rise of pop-up shops and their constant moving.

What it does: Our app will be accessible to both merchants and customers alike. Merchants will be able to see their inventory, manage their finances, as well as track how close customers are to their shop. This allows merchants to manage their time and money more efficiently by having their priorities listed in a concise application. Customers will be able to choose the type of shop they want to visit. Once they decide on the specific category, customers will be able to see the nearest shops of that selected type in their area. Customers will also be able to see the items the shop carries, the average wait-time, as well as ratings from other customers. The app will track both the location of the pop-up shop and the customer, making it easier for both the vendor and the client to provide the best transaction.

How we built it: We used Android Studio and Flutter to make our app.

Challenges we ran into: We were not familiar with Android Studio or Flutter so we ran into several issues involving syntax.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: While we were beginners with Android Studio, we are proud that we were able to create a small portion of our vision.

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