CryptoKitties is our inspiration, in February We read about Smart Contracts and CryptoKitties technical docs. We wonder if we can apply it on stellar. and After learning about solana and their approach to smart contract(Program Account and Data account), We realize that we can apply it on stellar, with manageData OP we can store data on account. at First we plan to use stellar turrets, but SDF planned to discontinue it. So ,we pick the centralized way with private server.

What it does

Like cryptokitties on stellar, but human.

How we built it

Each NFTs are issued by an unique account, each issuer account hold metadata. We set all issuer's signer to a certain Master account that controls all the issuer account. Only the master account could edit and control the issuer accounts.

Users could breed 2 nft with different sex to get a brand new NFT. We used something like Axie's SLP that need to be burned each time breeding and breed cooldown to prevent spamming. We used an "Auth token" that's freezed so it can't be transferred. So people can't fake the NFT (by adding relevant metadata + setting issuer to master account). Fake NFTs wouldn't have the Auth Token.

We didn't store our images on ipfs. Instead, we generate each image on demand with API. we use the genes to construct the NFT image. but we'll looking into ipfs since generating image in each request is very resource intensive + it takes too long.

Challenges we ran into

-Limited Time, it's also our first time using PIL. also lack of coordination between team member. -Finding ways to verifying NFT authenticity -optimizing runtime, our image_translator is very slow that most of the time it timed out (fetch NFT fails most of the time)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-solving all of this in 48 hours

What we learned

-We Learned how to use PIL -We learned about stellar's flexibility

What's next for IntFT

-optimizing runtime -UI improvisation -integrating .toml files into this

if you want to know the result image, you could run( this on your device

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