More than half of the UK's population takes at least one prescription drug daily.

2 million Britons are taking more than 7 prescription drugs daily.

With an ageing population and the rise in prescription pharmaceuticals, there is an increased risk of side effects and interactions. This could mean getting a little more tipsy than usual off of a glass of wine, or it could mean you end up A&E or the morgue.

Some drugs also have dangerous interactions with non-drug products, like MAOIs (monoamine oxidase inhibitors, a popular class of antidepressants) which can have fatal consequences if you consume cheese.

People need a simple, easy way to check if their vitamins, food, or nightcaps are going to endanger their lives. Especially the older population.

Some solutions exist, but they are clunky and awkward, and full of limitations. We set out to make something clean and simple, and, critically, senior-friendly.

What it does

inteRX is a web application that allows users to search for interactions between multiple drugs, and alerts the user if there is a potential hazard in taking the combination of drugs they have searched.

How we built it

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Mastering Getting acquainted with React for UIs
  • Designing pretty graphics

What we learned

  • Successfully connecting an API
  • Connecting to a database with node.js
  • Encrypting logins for passwords.
  • Managing the UI with React

What's next for inteRX

The next tasks on our list of ongoing improvements:

  • Suggestions of drug names in real time as you search
  • Being able to search for interactions between more than 2 drugs at a time
  • Saving drugs to a user's ID, so that they can automatically check any future searched drugs against a list of saved drugs

The value in this application will come from further integrations:

  • Twilio
  • Alexa skill?
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