As students in tech, we find that one of the most difficult parts of attaining a job is the technical interview. They’re stressful, long and hard, and the only way to improve is through practice. However, it’s very hard to find someone willing to spend an hour or two of their undivided attention and then give you their honest opinion (due to personal bias and their relationship to you). So we came up with a solution, an accurate robot that can interview you (whenever you’re free), and analyzes the interview in real time, providing you with a score on how well you did, in terms of voice, body language and question responses.

What it does analyzes the interview in real time, providing you with data about how you’re speaking in terms of your pitch, tone, nervousness and monitors your body language, are you swinging your arms about? Are you looking at the interviewer or looking down all the time? Our backend will then give you a score at the end of the interview with options on how to improve.

How we built it

We used Google's Cloud Platform for most of the backend, we implemented Speech to text to transcribe what the user was saying, then the Natural Language API to understand the context of the interview, and rate the answers. The data is then processed using Google's Compute Engine then passed back to the Text to Speech API to output through the speakers.

Challenges we ran into

"Our major challange was that we were working with so many different loose components, like the leap motion, fitbit, all the Google API's and all the other idea's we had proved very difficult to implement together, as we constantly ran into bugs. Unfortuantely, any time we would ask the mentors for help they would be just as lost as us. " -Iyad

"We ran into biting off more than we could chew, integration of various software APIs, and integration of data across several platforms." -Shreya

"Integration of many different hardwares together that required different coding platforms to use. " -Branden

Accomplishments that we're proud of

"This was my first time working with all of those Google API's. I'm happy that I was able to make it work and make a robot that was so intelligent." -Iyad

"I'm proud of our ability to think outside the box and our willingness to explore new technologies and their potential, such as Google Cloud." -Shreya

" There's real potential for a final product here given more time and better components (cameras, microphones, etc) for this design to make a large social impact!" -Branden

What we learned

"I learnt a lot about how Google's products work with each other, and how beneficial it is to use all the API's from the same company and with the same API key. " -Iyad

"I learned how to work in a team and play to everyone's strengths as much as possible to make the best use of our time and knowledge." -Shreya

" I learned a lot from my teammate Shreya on how to develop Android apps! I think this experience has inspired me to study this more in my free time!" -Branden

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