In 2018, 41% of Canadians suffer from an anxiety disorder. People who suffer from anxieties tend to struggle in dealing with situations that put them under pressure, such as job interviews.

We as developers have the urge to help people to overcome their anxieties for better social life standards.

What it does

Hiring agencies will set you up with a VR headset in a room by your self to give you privacy. A mix-reality experience will launch where you will find your self in a real 360 interactive footage.

First, you going to have to choose your profession

Once you select your feild you will find your self sitting across the table with an interviewer who will be asking you questions about your self and question related to your career.

your answers will be recorded and at the end of the session, you will have the chance to listen back to your answers, if you are confident with your answers you can submit them, or try another attempt by redoing the interview or selecting a specific question to retake.

Once the answers are submitted, the experts from the hiring agency will evaluate your answers and give you tips on how you can perform better in job interviews.

How we built it

we used Insta360 Camera to recorded 360 videos and pictures that we used as an asset in developing the experience with some help from friends and coworkers

Challenges we ran into

there isn't enough information about react360 on the internet, so the challenging part was trying to figure the coding part, especially when it came to implementing a video

Accomplishments that we're proud of

executing the project was very challenging, but we are very glad that we managed to get it done.

What we learned

the knowledge that we gain was a great award already, and we are looking forward to expanding our experience in react 60

What's next for InterVR

we will be working on polishing the prototype, and soon hopefully we can take this out to the market and lunch it as an actual project

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