We all know practicing and preparing for interviews sucks, especially as very busy students. Even when we do have time, practicing for an interview on your own sucks, and sitting awkwardly on a webcam in front of someone else can be very awkward when you're just starting out.

What it does

InterviewMe is an Amazon Alexa voice skill which conducts mock interviews. Users can specify a position and even a company, as well as the types of questions they would like to work on.

How we built it

We built this using a combination of both Amazon Web Services lambda functions and the Amazon Developer Alexa Skills kit to implement this solution.

Challenges we ran into

Our team consists of 4 Canadians eager for the opportunity to learn how to use Amazon's Echo Alexa that just recently released in Canada (late November). What the team learned very late into the hackathon is that there are several issues that have come with this Canadian release of Alexa. These issues included preventing Canadians from implementing Alexa Skills onto American Amazon Echos (specifically the Amazon Echo 1) due to language compatibility issues (English US compared to English CA). In addition to this, both of the Amazon developer tools required web access as they were online resources, and with the higher than average connections to the internet during this hackathon - disconnections caused implemented code to be wiped out on more than one occasion. This combination of high network latency and centralized work environment really limited the team's ability to accomplish the most complete solution.


After a variety of challenges and set backs the team is proud to have been able to implement a voice skill that can receive and handle responses to some degree.

What we learned

The team learned a lot about using and interfacing with Amazon's Web Services during this hackathon. This skill is very useful to team members as the demand for smart home appliances (such as speakers) continue to rise, the opportunity for voice skills to integrate into every day life and to offer assistance and accessibility to clients will also increase making this skill, an asset.

What's next for InterviewMe

We would like to keep working on this project and implement several things, We would like to implement a web scraper, which would pull questions from websites such as Glassdoor, etc. We would also like to create a website so that users can log in and review their questions and answers after the interview.

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