When I was a year 1 student, I got an interview offer at one of the tech company. However, as that was my first time getting an interview, I did not know what to expect. I wish that there is a web app that can alleviate my anxiety and help me to become familiar with interviews.

What it does

Interview Pro will prompt common interview question, the user then can quickly start recording using the webcam. During the recording, there will be emotion graph shown to show the facial emotion of the user, which is important for the real interview too. When he finished, user can get feedback as the app will change the words that the user speak into actual text and check for grammar error. It will also show line graph, showing the facial emotion of the user throughout the recording.

How I built it

We use third party library to help us to convert the voice to text and grammar check. We also use open source trained machine learning library to detect the facial emotion of the user.

Challenges I ran into

It is our first time doing project together and it is hard to integrate between our works.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to finish main functionality of our web-app within 1 day, without any preparation before hand

What I learned

How to filter important information in website and how to work together with my teammates.

What's next for Interview Pro

There is a lot more to Interview Pro. It can benefit both user of recruiters from many companies. Companies can use Interview Pro to test the applicants without actually doing the real interview. This will save time for the recruiters. As for the user, they will not need to feel the anxiety that i feel, as now there is an app that can help them to practice interview. In the future, we want to further develop more features as well as using the data after each recording to give a more constructive feedbacks.

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