While pondering the possible success of a mock dating app, we decided instead to invent a program that re-shifts the public's priorities on speaking with strong, and effective communication skills. Also, thinking about getting up in front of a panel of judges and presenting this project instilled a bit of fear in us, which sparked the idea for an interactive website that allows us to practice our speaking.

What it does

This website randomly generates a mock job interview question and prompts the user for a response. The user is provided with immediate feedback using precise grading algorithms and in addition, offers research to inform the user and provide him/her with some tips and tricks.

How we built it

We used Sublime text editor to create 4 separate .html files and integrated it with javascript to run our Interview Bot. Then used CSS to format the layout of each of the separate pages, to provide a visually appealing, and professional spread. We also included firebase to take user input in the Interview Bot and put it in a database hosted by Google for further company/website expansion.

Challenges we ran into

Formatting javascript within a .html file was the main issue that hindered our work. In addition, the firebase documentation was also a lot to juggle while maintaining functionality of the site as a whole. Since we are mostly unfamiliar with coding, using CSS and .html took some getting used to and left us with a frustrating learning curve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a fully functional website and javascript algorithm before sunrise was something that made us proud given the 3 newly introduced programming languages while learning a new hosting platform.

What we learned

Sometimes you don't understand why your code works but you're just glad it does. We also learned our skill base, and which ideas were way too complex for us (thankfully we collaborate well). Most importantly, we learned to delegate, not be too prideful to ask for help and that cooperation is key to a finished product.

What's next for Interview Bot

Hopefully, we can further integrate firebase into our website so we have a database to work off of to provide more detailed input for our users. We also hope to open the option of live video chat interviews with business and hiring professionals for a more realistic interview environment. It is our goal to introduce neural networks and machine learning into our interview bot so it can provide much better ratings and feedback for our users.

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