As seniors in high school, we understand how overwhelming it can be for students to not only work on college applications and maintain their extracurriculars but also attend college or job interviews. As students find themselves juggling multiple priorities at once, we believe that they would highly benefit from an app that helps them prepare for these interviews.

What it does

Interview Assistant allows students to choose from a variety of both personal and technical interview questions. The app will then simulate the role of an interviewer, and read out the questions that they selected. To make the app more personal, the questions are asked by real people. The students can then listen to a recording of the entire interview and assess their strengths and weaknesses.

How we built it

We used to plan our app and used MIT App Inventor.

Challenges we ran into

We switched from to MIT App Inventor pretty late into the game because we realized that MIT App Inventor had more features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The easy-to-use interface and the recording feature.

What we learned

None of us have coded using MIT App Inventor before or created an app, so this was an eye-opening experience.

What's next for Interview Assistant

In the future, we wish to add more options for these students such as planning questions that they could ask during their interview. We would also like to replace the audio recording function with a video recording function so they can observe their posture/eye contact.

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