The last innovations of recruitment practice

What it does

We developed open platform which was built to cover all needs of the market. HR specialist can create structured, well-thought-out, customized form that he would be able to share with people who are looking for a job.

Our solution is:

  • simple to use - we tried to make an interface and all processes of work with the platform native and user-friendly,
  • flexibility - HR can create a form from the ready-made app or create their own type of question. which will allow testing the specific skills of the interviewee,
  • global scaling - it allows companies to conduct the first stages of interviews independently of their location, language, etc.
  • with the future insight - there are many abilities where you can use new tech like machine learning or artificial intelligence: starting with automatic resume review by neural network that was trained on the company's accumulated practice to creating apps with analysis
  • life companion style - we tried to make it very useful not only for companies but also for second side - ordinary people who are looking for work: they have dashboard with interviews history and recommendations for their skill development ...

How we built it

We can decompose our solution into three entities:

HR - web app which allows creating new forms for recruitment specialist and also results tracking. Now hr can form a question list from 4 available "apps":

  • video answer with voice recognition
  • whiteboard - area where users can draw, mark...
  • text answers
  • or create a custom app

interviewee - also web app for interviews processing

3rd party services - in our case it is a separate server with video analysis functions

Tech overview main back-end - web api special back-end - flask and many specialized python libs

database -SQL server

front-end - JS, React...

Challenges we ran into

  • create a working platform with so rich functionality at such a short time
  • create an ability for custom apps integration

What we learned

  • video processing and analysis
  • dynamic code
  • dashboard interface

What's next for Interview+

Throughout close communication with specialists in this theme decide what we need to improve to make our service even more convenient and useful.

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