Run is not a one day thing, this program helps you to achieve the goal of run 20 min in 10 weeks

What it does

It gives you a program to follow, it is recommended to run 3 days per week, you do not have to run 20 min in the first day, it is a better idea to go little by little, the intervals consist of running and walking, increasing your running time until you are able to run 20 min without stop. Running and looking at your phone is not the best idea, that is why the app makes the phone vibrate to tell you when to change the activity.

How I built it

It is a mobile app for android, built with adobe anime(old adobe flash) and actionscript 3

Challenges I ran into

To access the vibration features of my phone I had to use an old code, the user inter phase is not the cleanest

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making vibrate my phone.

What I learned

What's next for intervals running app

Polish the user inter phase

Built With

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