In supply chain transportation is important. This is true especially if you carry sensitive products like perishable produce. This means that conditions in the truck container are extremely important important like temperature, humidity, etc. In addition delivery trucks can be carrying illegal exports. So to be sure whats going on and keep everythings under control we developed Smart Truck transportation application. We call it as IoT (Internet of Trucks)

What it does

the IoT is a consist of two parts, one part is an hardware which is located in truck and other parts is mobile side which is telegram bot that you can have chat to get info from truck. So it could send you location of the truck, plate number, sensor data of the container like a temperature, humidity, etc. Also it could take a photo from truck camera. So

How I built it

Behind of the IoT we used powerful Intel Edison board to run nodejs application. At mobile side to provide chat bot we used telegram bot api.

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