My team was already working on all these technologies and the problem was installion of hadoop,docker,kubernetes was a very mundane task and also to further to build hadoop cluster or kubernetes multi node cluster setting up master slave etc takes a lot of time so we we were quite aware of the fact that our other friends and other people who are using these technologies are facing same problems so we take the initiative to automate it.

What it does

Intersteller is a autonomous voice assistant where we have integrated multiple technologies in a single platform and have automated its configuration and functionalities within minimum resources.

How I built it:

We have automated Hadoop, Docker ,Kubernetes, Jenkins, Basic Linux, AWS (Amazon Web Services) by using ansible playbook and python. We have Integrated different technologies with Ansible and Python and deploy it on a web server by using apache web server on AWS EC-2 instance so that any one can access it through their browser and use our services.

Challenges I ran into:

Taking the initiative of automating everything was easy but when we started working our knowledge was not enough we need to study and learn them in much more depth. We need to learn more about integrating it with ansible and cloud etc and then apply them altogether.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

My team is proud that we have automated many fuctionalities of docker,hadoop and kubernetes .My team was determined enough to work at all odd hours and complete this project.

What I learned:

What we learn the most is teamwork and how to work under excessive pressure and manage to complete the project.

What's next for INTERSTELLER:

Currently we just have configured Hadoop,Docker,Kubernetes in it jenkins and aws are under process and we will complete it shortly.We will also try to integrate more technologies as we are constantly learning and exploring.

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